1. What is warm and cold lay up?
Warm Lay-up - out of service but can be mobilised into service at a short notice and vessel manned with minimum safe manning.
Cold lay-up -moored or anchored at a safe place, awaiting newer employment / charter. All equipment shut down and manned by Lay-up Manager

2. Every lay-up vessel still undergo annual classification Survey?
Yes, and Altus more than happy to manage the survey on behalf the owner.

3. What is the lay process?
Classification society and flag need to be informed prior lay-up. To appoint approved lay-up manager to perform lay-up and managing vessel whilst lay-up.

4. Do the Hull & Machinery and P&I insurance require do be intercepted even during lay up?
Yes, however the premium rate is slightly lower for lay-up vessel and need to informed Insurance for lay-up status.

5. Do Altus have any capabilities in managing lay-up rig?
Yes, we are managing all lay-up services by in - house resources and we are one of the approves lay manager in Labuan, Johor, Lumut and Lomongan, Indonesia have rendered our services to few reputable whip/ rig owners since 2014.

6. What are the document required for lay-up application? What is minimum notice requirement?
Normal trading document are required to be submitted to authority for approval and one or two weeks’ notice required for lay-up preparation.

7. What is lay-up and preservation cost look like?
Preservation costing will be varies subjected to number of equipment, size of vessel and period of lay-up expectation. Please feel free to contact us for lay-up quotation.

8. Do your services equipped with Procedures?
All of our procedures have been audited and accredited by ISO 9001 and been accepted by most of our client. Our procedures are dynamic and may tailor made to meet client requirement.


1. What is the role of shipping agent?
The ship agent is an independent shipping agent, who on behalf of the shipowner. This includes all procedures required when arriving at and leaving its mooring, port or customs authority formalities, monitoring operations in the port and managing the right to enter and stay in the port

2. Does Altus has shipping and forwarding license?
Yes. The license covers both Shipping and Forwarding activity in Malaysia.

3. What are the logistics packages offered by Altus:
Altus was formed to provide a single window service, specializing in Supply Base / Project Management, Material / Cargo Handling & warehousing in the Oil & Gas sector with the expertise of experienced manpower. In other words, Altus provides a complete one stop logistics solution.
The logistics services covers:
• Heavy Lift Transportation
• Project Logistics
• Material Management
• Dangerous Goods Handling
• Hand-Carry & Hotshot
• Air/Sea Chartering
• Custom Clearance
• Warehouse/Yard Management

4. What area the shipping / agency packages offered by Altus?
Providing full vessel agency, and husbandry services in local / foreign ports and Altus take care of client interests, worldwide. We understand the key elements for client’s operations, and with excellent relationships with both suppliers and authorities, ALTUS provide not only a service, but also reliability. Enjoy full transparency from a partner with a focus on governance and compliance.
The shipping services covers:
• Representation / Vessel agency
• Husbandry / crewing matters
• Procurement
• Handling Port Authorities
• Vessel Chartering

5. How does Altus deal with the shipping / logistics activity outside Malaysia?
Altus has grown from strength to strength over the years and today our business spans across continents, with. We do have offices in Asia Pacific, Europe, Americas, Middle East and Africa to support the shipping / logistics activity internationally.


1. What is the different between CCU or CHE?
Answer: There’s no difference between CCU and CHE, just different term. CCU- Cargo Carrying Unit and CHE - Cargo Handling Equipment

2. What is your CCU standard?
Answer: DNV Standard for certification 2.7-1.

3. What’s the purpose of CCU /CHE?
Answer: The functions for each category as below;
- Offshore Container – To transfer or storage equipment's / machine / any tools that’s not under water resistant category
- Offshore Basket – To transfer or storage drum / tools / pipe / scaffolding / spools
- Offshore Tank – To transfer and storage for Chemical / Water / Fuel / Acid
- Offshore Skips – Function as Waste Disposal / Scrap / Mud / Rubbish
- Gas Rack – Storage for Gas Cylinder
- Modular System – Work Station & Storage for Tools and equipments

4. Where can I check the type / size of CCUs offered by Altus in Malaysia?
Answer: Link to page “Offshore & Container Equipment” for more detail

5. Which branch offer the Oil Field Services under Altus Oil & Gas?
Answer: Kemaman, Labuan and Bintulu. We also provide a service to transfer the unit to another location within Malaysia, subject to client request and as per agreed terms & conditions. (e.g. Transfer unit from Bintulu to Miri, or Kemaman to Johor and etc.)

6. What is the inspection regime under the DNV standard?


Inspection Type

Periodical Inspection


Visual Inspection (VI)

12 Months (Yearly)


Non-Destructive Examination (NDE)

48 Months (Every 4 years)


Load Test

After Substantial repair / deformative

7. How to check the unit availability?
Answer: Contact Altus representative in each branch to get more detail. Please link to contact us page

8. How long can I expect to get a reply to my request for a quotation?
Answer: Within 24-48 Hours (Working Hour). For Altus new client, you can contact any nearest branches for further information and guidance on company registration as a client.

9. How long to notify Altus if I want to on hire / Off hire the unit?
Answer: It’s advisable to notify Altus 2 days before the on hire or Off hire date. Should there any last-minute request, it’s doable and please get in touch with our team for a special request and its subject to Altus Terms and conditions.

10. Is there any minimum period of rental?
Answer: There’s no minimum period of rental. We offer on daily and monthly basis

11. Did Altus provide a delivery service?
Answer: Yes, we can deliver the unit to a client’s yard or any location subject to client request.

12. Does CCU come with any accessories?
Answer: Yes, each unit complete with a valid certificate, a set of wire rope sling and shackle.

13. Can I track the unit location?
Answer: Yes. We offered additional tool - GPS Tracking System via OverVU Version 2.0. Subject to client request.

14. When shall I return the DO On hire and Off hire to Altus?
Answer: Immediately or within 24 hours upon receiving the unit or delivered the unit.

15. Can I use the WhatsApp or text message as a formal request?
Answer: No. We only accept email or any official document (e.g. PO) from client before proceeding with any request.

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