Supply base operation is the most critical node of an offshore logistics supply chain. You would not be running an efficient and cost-effective offshore works campaign if the supply base operations are not efficiently operated. Selection of location of an onshore base is also a key critical success factor that will determine cost benefits as farther distance means higher logistics costs.

Through years of operating offshore bases in Indonesia, China and Australia, Altus has developed relevant vast experience and expertise. Thus, Altus will be able to evaluate the best supply base location (which may include existing supply base, ports and/or any suitable water-front facility) for each offshore campaign project to ensure that you have the cost and efficiency benefits.

The scope of works for Altus’ supply base operations include:

  • Berthing facilities
  • Warehouse and open yard for cargo storage and staging area
  • Vessel agency services
  • Cargo handling
  • Rig and vessel importation
  • Third-party procurement
  • Engineering and minor fabrication
  • Provision of skilled manpower
  • Work permit
  • Vessel clearance


Logistics solutions for your project is always complex and challenging especially when you have to transport many line items that are heavy, oversized and in various shapes from one location to another or from one country to another. Various aspects of supply chain would need to be planned and strategized to ensure safe, efficient and cost-effective logistics. These include sequencing of shipment to avoid project overhang; importation and exportation formalities, primarily tax regime that, when mishandled, would result in penalty and overpayment of taxes; modes of transportation that usually involve complex  logistics engineering, heavy lifts and mix of transportation modes; and overall project logistics planning and management.

Through years of experience and knowledge acquisition, Altus has developed in house capability for consulting, planning, management and execution that allow us to offer integrated services to our clients. We have successfully executed project logistics jobs both onshore, such as for large refinery construction, and offshore, like for multi-discipline hook-up and commissioning projects.

Our project logistics services include:

  • Various mode of transportations – heavy lift charter, sea and air freight
  • Importation handling – cargo clearance, customs brokerage, tax consultation
  • Heavy lift cranes and land transportation
  • Free Zone formalities
  • Expediting
  • Logistics planning
  • Project management and reporting


Altus is licensed as a Customs Brokerage Agent in all main ports in Malaysia. Our cargo clearance system is electronically linked directly to the Royal Malaysian Customs (RMC) system.

Altus personnel is also certified by the RMC to act as Customs Agent and is highly knowledgeable on all entry procedures, admissibility requirements, classification, valuation, and the duties and taxes imposed on exported/imported goods.


Handling your vessel calls at foreign ports can be a complex endeavour and costly if not appropriately handled. Vessel would have to deal with a band of local authorities such as immigration, customs, marine department, health and quarantine divisions, port operators and authorities as well as ever-changing regulations. Not only that, local culture and tradition may also pose its own challenges.

At Altus, we have seen all and we understand the challenges. Our services are built to meet all your needs.

Our suite of services includes:

  • Vessels inward and outward clearance
  • Port services
  • Government agencies formalities
  • Crew handling – work permit and pass, OKTB, Letter of Guarantee, Meets and Greets, Accommodation and Transportation
  • Bunkering
  • Husbanding and ship supplies
  • Minor onboard repair


Altus offer freight forwarding as part of our logistics solution services. Through Altus Group global networks and our third-party partners, Altus can offer various freight forwarding solutions to move your cargo to your destinations.

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