We understand that your decision to lay-up your marine assets – vessels or rigs would have been driven by the need to reduce cost during low or no earnings period without compromising the asset’s integrity. 

Altus understand these expectations and share the same objectives. We will work with you to design suitable lay-up scopes that meet your marine asset’s specific requirements.

Our lay-up approach usually covers the following: –

  • Establish with you the lay-up mode either Hot Lay Up (Warm Stacking) or Cold Lay-up (Cold Stacking)
  • Evaluate the best lay-up location with the consideration of your asset’s current location and her next destination. This is because the distance for mobilisation would be a significant part of the cost benefits.
  • Work with you to design the best turnkey lay-up scopes that meet focused objectives – cost benefits, asset integrity and quick reactivation.

List of Services for Lay-up

  • Provision of towing tug for vessel or rig mobilisation.
  • Liaise with related authorities for lay-up permits and handle all port and government agencies formalities to facilitate arrival of the marine assets.
  • Undertake sea bed survey and marine risks assessment.
  • Provision of pilotage and towage
  • Towing analysis, Mooring analysis, design and installation.
  • Crew handling – transportation, accommodation and work permits.
  • Develop lay-up procedures and emergency response plans customised to respective lay-up locations.
  • Supply of crew boat and cargo boat.
  • Supply of fully certified watchmen for security and safety watch.
  • 24-hours radio communication with our control tower.
  • Installation of fire alarm and bilge alarm.
  • 24/7 security watch on-board vessel/rig.
  • Deactivation, Preservation, Maintenance and Reactivation.
Lay-up locations
Altus has all relevant licences and permits to lay up vessels and rigs at locations shown in the following map.

Cold Lay-up : Brunei Bay – Labuan, Sungai Johor and PGU Anchorage Area – Johor
Hot Lay-up : Bintulu – Sarawak, Lumut – Perak, Kuantan – Pahang, Batam – Indonesia, Gresik – Indonesia


The decision to lay-up marine assets would have cost benefits but also present risks to asset integrity and costly reactivation works if the right strategies are not in place. Rig/Vessel that is sitting idle for a period of time without preservation and maintenance would be exposed to the following risks:

  • Rapid corrosion and wood delamination/splitting – especially in this region where humidity is around min 60% relative humidity (RH) to 100 % RH.
  • Mechanical seizure of rotating equipment, sliding equipment and other mechanical equipment.
  • Condition deterioration for electric and electronic products.

For each lay-up, Altus will evaluate the economical benefits on various scenarios, which include taking into consideration the lay-up location’s climate, the lay-up period, the condition of each equipment and parts of the rigs, and the reactivation time required before making any proposal on preservation and maintenance of your asset.

Our scope of services for preservation and maintenance work include the following:

  • Cost Evaluation of the preservation works.
  • Manpower supply, provision of dehumidifier, as well as supply and apply Vapour Corrosion Inhibitor (VCI), shrink wrap and anti-corrosion paint.
  • Periodical visits to inspect and maintain the rig/vessel.
  • Onshore storage facility for equipment that is removed from the rig/vessel prior to lay-up.
  • Procurement and minor fabrication works.
  • Tank Inspection and de-mucking.
  • Reactivation works that include removal of VCI, shrink wrap, steel works for replacement of corroded parts, painting and blasting, handling of class / insurance inspection, above water and under water testing and inspections.
  • Security services to ensure all equipment and spares left onboard are intact and avoid theft risk.


When rigs or offshore oil well platform or floating processing and storage units reach the end of their life span, they will need to be dismantled and decommissioned. It is important that the exercise is undertaken with the best regulated safety practices and the most cost-effective.

Our services for marine asset decommissioning or disposal include the following:

  • Removal works of equipment and facilities of the asset.
  • Onshore base facilities such as wharf and storage yard for removal works.
  • Tank cleaning, de-slopping and de-mucking.
  • Waste removal and disposal.
  • Logistics and transportation.
  • Provision of cargo handling equipment, lifting cranes and logistics.
  • Testing and Inspection.
  • Provision of marine fleets.
  • Provision of manpower – skilled and experienced general workers.


The oil and gas industry is a very highly regulated industry. Oil companies, contractors, service companies, manufacturers, insurance companies and other stakeholders are confronted by an increasing complex processes, large investments, new technologies and increasing legal, safety and environmental regulations that are put in place to ensure continuous supply, achieve investment objectives and safeguard  the safety of the people, environment and assets.

At Altus, we acknowledge that Inspection and Certification are important to meet the above objectives. Over the years, we have developed our own expertise and provided qualified inspectors for the following inspections:

  • Lifting appliances and gears;
  • Heavy cranes and lifting equipment;
  • Non-Destructive Testing (NDT);
  • Drops Objects;
  • Cargo Carrying Units Inspection;
  • Pressure test and pressure relieve valve test;
  • EX survey and inspection; and
  • Mooring system – Quick Release Hook (QRH) Inspection, maintenance, calibration and repair.


When offshore floating hose requires repair, maintenance or periodical inspections, often you will be confronted with the challenges to find the expertise and facilities to repair and maintain your hose that are far from your location. This would mean that you will have to spend more money for logistics and allow more downtime.

Our services are developed with these challenges in mind. Altus has developed a mobile team of experts with mobile equipment that can create facilities with the capability to repair and maintain your hose at an onshore marine facilities near you. With Altus purpose-built hose launcher, you no longer require slipway to launch your hose. These services are available at Kemaman, Bintulu, Labuan, Miri, Johor, Tok Bali, Lambongan-Indonesia.

Our offshore floating hose repair and maintenance services include:

  • Engineering Services
  • Maintenance Services
  • Inspection and Pressure Testing
  • Hose stringing / De-stringing
  • Dismantling and Installation
  • Hose towing


Realising that most of our services would require marine fleet supports such as Platform Service Vessel (PSV), Anchor Handling Tug (AHT), Work Barge, Accommodation Barge, Flat-Top Barge, Crew Vessel and Heavy Lift Vessel, Altus has developed partnerships with many vessel owners in the region to enable us to provide the right chartering solution for you.


We understand the need for you to suppress your costs without sacrificing your asset’s integrity and quality. Altus Malaysia is determined to collaborate with you by designing a prospective lay-up process that meets both your asset’s and the company’s requirements. Moreover, our company will assess all the possible outcomes for each lay-up scenario and come up with an efficient way for your company to do a more thorough cost-benefit analysis. We also offer a wide array of vessel networks that enables us to provide the right chartering solution.

As a company, that provides marine services in Malaysia, we offer Ship or Rig preservation and maintenance. After assessing the best solution for your lay-up scenarios, we preserve the Rigs or Vessels that remained idle for several periods of time. Being left unoperated and unsupervised could make both the Vessels and Rigs prone to risks that can cost your company more money (i.e. rapid corrosion, electric deterioration, and many more). By providing cost-savvy preservation and maintenance work, such risks are highly avoidable under the supervision of our in house expertise.

Another service that we provide is decommissioning and dismantling of oil rig platforms or floating processing and storage units that have reached the end of their lifespan (i.e. waste removal, tank cleaning, provision of marine fleets, and many more). Rest assured that in Altus Malaysia, we provide a safely regulated practice along with a cost-effective approach that will benefit your company.  

Coping with the abundant regulations in the oil and gas industry, companies will be in need of strict and professional inspections on a regular basis. In order to minimize risks and provide safety for all the stakeholders, companies will be needed to comply with them at any cost. As a company that provides leading marine solutions in Malaysia, we are equipped with certification and inspectors that perform an inspection that ensures and guards the safety of all stakeholders. 

In Altus Malaysia, we also provide maintenance and repair for your offshore floating hose. Failure of offshore floating hose will definitely cost you both money and time. Our company has formed a team of mobile experts that are equipped with the tools and skills to repair and maintain your hose at the nearest marine facility.


As one of the leading providers of Marine Services In Malaysia, we offer multiple options namely, ship/rig lay-ups, ship/rig preservations & maintenance, marine asset decommissioning, inspection and certification, floating hose maintenance and repair, and vessel charters. Our services will ensure that your marine costs are minimized, the integrity of your assets are preserved, and that proper environmental and safety regulations (for both assets and human workers) are followed. You can find more details about our marine services here.

Our Oilfield Services in Malaysia, offers you services for offshore containers and equipment, offshore winches, compressors and generators, and chemical handling, storage, and transportation. In choosing us, we will ensure that your oilfield services will be conducted in a safe and cost-efficient manner, with our assortment of high-quality offshore equipment and modern facilities. You can find more details about our oilfield services here.

Altus, as one of the best Logistic solutions companies in Malaysia, includes our service in supply base operations, project logistics, customs brokerage, shipping agencies, and freight forwarding. Our services will ensure that your logistics and supply base practices are running safely, efficiently, and in a cost-effective manner. You can find more details about our logistic solutions here.

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