There are many things to consider when you transfer your cargo, tools, equipment, supplies, and wastes between your onshore base and offshore rigs or platforms. You need to ensure that the transfer can be done safely and at an efficient cost with the right equipment.

In providing this solution, Altus works with the best in the market, Swire Oilfield Services – the world’s largest offshore container specialist. With Swire Oilfield Services, we offer a wide range of highest certification of specialist offshore containers, baskets, tanks, skips, workspaces, and all other liftings equipment.

As added value services, you would also have the option to fit the equipment with GPS tracking system that will increase real-time visibility and tracking of the assets. Our aim is that with this feature, you will be able to optimize business processes, supply chain, and regulatory compliance.

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Offshore Containers

Securely store and transport equipment and good via our standard DNV 2-7-1 certified and bespoke offshore containers, minis, bottle racks and more

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Offshore Tanks

We operate the world’s largest fleet of transportable Offshore chemical and helifuel tanks, designed and manufactured to suite client requirements

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Offshore Baskets

Designed to optimise workspace efficiency and provide a safe working environment in the most hazardous conditions

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Offshore Skips

Our DNV offshore skips provide the safe and effective transportation and containment of drill cuttings, discarded mud and other industrial waste

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Gas Racks

Designed to optimise workspace efficiency and provide a safe working environment in the most hazardous conditions

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Modular System

Extensive range of onshore tanks, blending equipment, filter units, and air compressors in a variety of sizes and capacities for sale and rental


Our offshore equipment portfolio has also expanded to include winches, compressors and generators. Altus represents only quality and trusted brands including Ingersoll Rand, JDN, Bosch Rexroth Hagglunds and Enerpac. Our equipment is designed for harsh environments, up to 50° Celsius ambient temperatures and high humidity, and is subjected to an uncompromising in-house routine maintenance regime, which ensures a solid performance and reliability in the field.

Our equipment includes:

  • Ingersoll Rand air tugger and lift rated winches.
  • Variable speed hydraulic winches.
  • 300 tonne and 400 tonne capacity linear winches.
  • PLC based constant tension winch systems.
  • Spooler winches and capstan winches.
  • Ingersoll Rand and JDN air chain hoists up to 30Te and long fall chain lengths.
  • Enerpac Hydraulic Jacking equipment up to 800Te.
  • Hydraulic Power Units in standard, Rig safe and Zone 2 configurations, hydraulic hoses and control systems.
  • Diesel air compressors, air hoses, desiccant dryers and aftercoolers.
  • Industrial Machinery Skates.


Altus has years of experience of working with various chemical companies, either representing them as their marketing and distribution company or providing chemical blending and decanting services. Subsequently, all Altus bases and yards are equipped with related modern facilities that are approved by the relevant authorities and industry bodies to handle chemical storage and decanting activities.

With those facilities strategically established in Malaysia’s major O&G activities locations, Altus is in position to offer chemical companies the avenue to expand their footprints and services to their customers without having to open their own bases.

Our Scope of Works include:

  • Marketing representatives.
  • Storage services.
  • Blending and decanting services.
  • Transportation and distribution.
  • Offshore tanks for offshore transportation.

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