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Altus Malaysia is one of the top leading supply chain companies in the country, with three broad diversified sectors: Marine Services, Oilfield Services, and Logistics Services. We offer you 3 sectors of our services in Altus Malaysia. With our years of experience in this field, we cater to a wide spectrum of reliable and trustable services for your businesses. Expect a high quality integrated network of services, that enables the reduction in the number of contractors on your projects, simultaneously maintaining the quality of your services.READ MORE

  Our Marine Services in Malaysia handles activities related to (Lay-up, marine asset, decommissioning, preservation and maintenance, inspection and certification, floating hose maintenance and repair, and vessel chartering). You may opt for these services in a package or individually. As one of the best marine solution company in Malaysia. We strive to provide an excellent service that enables you to meet the objectives and goals, that benefit you in generating an effective strategy and planning for your business.

Altus Malaysia’s Oilfield Services in Malaysia involves services related to (offshore containers and equipment, offshore winches compressors and generators as well as chemical handling storage and transportation) for your business. Joining forces with the best offshore container specialist Swire Oilfield Services, we aim to assist you in achieving your organization’s goals. Our in-house expertise for Oilfield Solutions provides extensive services on lifting equipment, along with a GPS tracking system that enables you to track the service’s progress. 

As an organization that offers Logistics Solutions in Malaysia, we ensure to only provide the utmost superior service for your business that enables you to deliver your services or businesses efficiently. We have remarkable years of experience offshore based in China, Indonesia, and Australia in which we are to land you a perfect location or port. Our Logistic Services namely (supply base operations, project logistics, customs brokerage, shipping agency as well as freight forwarding) are quoted reasonably based on the distance of the shipment and the size of the cargo. By obtaining the integrated package of our services, you are able to experience the utmost systematic order for your delivery and business.

We as a supply chain solutions company in Malaysia seek our clients as an integral aspect of our growthAltus Malaysia upholds the honor of bringing a seamless and gratifying experience to your business with the service we have to offer you.

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